Absorbent Socks - Universal
Absorbent Socks - Universal

Absorbent Socks - Universal


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HEXA’s Universal Socks are designed to pick up just about anything – oil, water, solvents, and other fluids.

These socks are great for containing and soaking up spills on the ground. You can shape the socks to form around corners, leaky machinery, and puddles, enabling you to surround the spill to ensure it’s contained and absorbed.

With a polypropylene mesh outer skin and polypropylene filler, HEXA’s socks are economical and effective for everyday spills and cleanup. Polypropylene provides strength, durability, and absorbability.



Color Gray
Fluids Absorbed Water, Oils, Solvents, etc.
Diameter 3"
4' Sock Absorption Capacity 1.65 gallons per sock
8' Sock Absorption Capacity 3.3 gallons per sock
16' Sock Absorption Capacity 6.6 gallons per sock
Filler Material Polypropylene
Skin/Outer Mesh Material Polypropylene


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