What is a HEXA Catch?

The HEXA Catch - often called a "diaper", it's our drip protection product that attaches to your equipment  to prevent and fluid leaks or spills. Keep your surfaces clean and protected with a high quality product, made in america. 

The HEXA Catch has been designed to perfectly fit your exact equipment model. We have made it easier than ever to find the right product that is compatible with your equipment. 

To find the right product start here: click me

1. Click your manufacturer
2. Browse or search your model number
3. Add to cart

It's that easy. 

Now we know we don't have every equipment model out there, so if you do find one we don't have you can go to this page (click here) and easily fill out an online form (no printing PDFs and emailing them) and we will get back to you the same day. Then we will add the product to our website so you can easily buy next time.

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